Thursday, September 6, 2007

I am the others

I love going to concerts. I'll go to a concert even if I've never heard of the band or maybe even if I outright don't like the band. I like watching other people watch concerts... especially the die hard fans. I like to watch people at concerts for artists they like as much as I like Dar Williams.

I recently got to see the fantabulous Dar Williams perform live in a lovely, outdoor, evening concert. This video is for my dear friend Knitty, who upon hearing of the concert immediately stated: "I would've been screamin' "I"m not that petty, As cool as I am!!!" So, for you, Knitty M., the only song (my favorite song) that I managed to record amid my whooping and singing and dancing and general merry-making, compliments of my lowly but trustworthy camera:

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