Monday, September 10, 2007

New soul in my charge

Is it possible to have a maternal instinct for plants, yet not for people?

I have never thought myself much of a mother-figure, and, at 28 still have less than no idea how children might in some way or another figure into my life.... but give me a plant, and I'll water, feed, sing to, trim, turn, re-pot and otherwise love it with everything I've got.

All that being said, I have recently come across some Saguaro seeds. I did a little reading before planing them and learned that the Papago Indians believe that Saguaro's are old Indian souls and that they must be treated as such. How exciting!! I feel like a have some new little souls to plant and grow. Speaking of growing, I have also learned that in ten years, my little souls MIGHT grow three inches. Nature is crazy.

I have planted them today and will update on their growth and development, likely in this blog as well as in situations where people are talking endlessly about their children, I now have an in!

For your edification, here are some facts about Saguaros:
  • They are pollinated by doves
  • They live for 250 years
  • They can weigh over 2000 pounds
  • They often reach heights of 70 feet
  • They grow plum-sized fruits which are apparently fantastic in jellys, cakes and breads (I'll let you know in 50 years when mine fruits)

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