Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Two wheels of bliss

Before July, my commute was 1.5 hours. I would leave my house at about 7:00 am, drive to the bus stop, hunt for a place to park, usually end up walking across several business' lawns, then riding the bus for 30-40 minutes to get to work by 8:30 (on a good day).

I moved in July (fairly unwillingly, but more on that later). Now, I leave at 8:00 (or so), I ride my bike to work and I still get here at about 8:20... and that's if I stop for breakfast.

The best part of this whole scenario, I've found, isn't actually the extra hour of sleep. That itself is remarkable as anyone who knows me will tell you there is little in this world I like more than sleeping in. No, the best part is in the "I ride my bike to work" part. Granted, it took awhile... for the first few weeks I was still a loyal bus rider, but once I got the nerve to get started, I was hooked. Having to pack my clothes and take a baby powder and blotting paper "shower" upon arriving at work are small prices to pay for the ride in. It's replaced my morning meditation and my morning (caffeinated) tea. It's a chance to slowly wake up, commune with nature (and by nature, I mean the industrial park I ride through, but still, it's fresh air), and enjoy my superiority to the suckers who are stuck on public transportation (it can't all be zen, people).

Now, to be fair I should say that I live approx. 3 miles from where I work and they are a very, very flat 3 miles; I don't want to give anyone the impression that I hike up the Pyrenees every day, but it is worth noting that the round trip burns me 200 big ones every day.

Jealous? For fellow travellers, who think that they too might like a two-wheeled commute, I offer this article:


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Kendra said...

No, it can't all be zen. I look on enviously as you, the rider, can scoot through traffic so much more gamely, than I, the royal sucker, bound to her vehicle.

A happy commuter leads to a happier person, in general, I believe. We chose our place in the finest ghetto based on hub's ability to commute by bike. He's been a happier person ever since he stopped taking the train to and fro. I'll swallow my anxiety over him getting pasted by a bus in favor of the happier hub.