Wednesday, January 16, 2008

101 in 1001

Okay, Knitty, I'm in.

The point is that you make a list of 101 things you want to do and then you do them in 1001 days. I shall not belabor the point, full details here:

My list:

  1. Run the Marine Corps Marathon (why start small??)
  2. Go vegan for a week
  3. Run a sub 21:00 5K
  4. See Maine
  5. See Seattle
  6. Complete a sprint triathlon
  7. Be excited to turn 30
  8. Read "Infinite Jest"
  9. Make a scrapbook for Carson
  10. Become a certified ASL translator (may not be able to finish, but would like to have started)
  11. Take my parents to a Penguins game
  12. Publish a paper in a refereed journal
  13. Cook dinner for myself every night for a week
  14. Go to Italy and eat and bike and eat and bike (repeat as time permits)
  15. See Pre's Rock
  16. Throw a pot on a wheel (am I even saying that correctly???)
  17. Visit Shakespeare's grave
  18. Buy a home (*gulp*, this is getting serious)
  19. Go on an honest-to-goodness picnic (checked tablecloth optional)
  20. Eat bagels in Ottawa
  21. Buy myself japa mala beads
  22. Use aforementioned beads to find a mantra I can use when anxious
  23. Keep aforementioned beads with me to remember that I have it within myself to be peaceful and calm, regardless of my surroundings
  24. Go on a girls-only vacation
  25. Eat/drink 3 servings of calcium every day
  26. Try running in the morning at least 3 times
  27. Learn to perl
  28. Go camping with my dad
  29. Attend a service at a UU church
  30. Unplug my TV (and tivo) for one week. Repeat
  31. Organize my photos (pitch the blurry ones, you won't miss them!!!!) =)
  32. Go out to breakfast on the weekends more often
  33. Run a marathon as part of Team in Training (see #1)
  34. Make a will
  35. Talk to a financial advisor
  36. Qualify for Boston
  37. Teach Carson to ride a two-wheeler

Well, I was going to wait until I had a complete list to post it, but I guess this will do for now. Suggestions are welcome.

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