Friday, January 25, 2008

Baby Brother

*horn fanfare*

Without further ado, I would like to announce the arrival of my "new" baby brother. Though he has been with us for over two years now, my parents officially adopted Carson today.

In one bang of the judge's gavel, my sister became a middle child and I went from older to oldest. I feel it's an honorary title, but still.

To Commemorate the occassion, some of my favorite things about Carson:

  1. He gives me an excuse to build forts in the family room and eat pickles and cheese for lunch.
  2. At night he sings the "ABC" song until he falls asleep.
  3. He used to call me "Spiderman" because I taught him the "Itsy bitsy Spider" song and he had a stuffed Spiderman doll that sang the same song.
  4. He's like a parrot; he'll repeat back anything you say. Anything. It's hilarious.
  5. He likes The Shins almost as much as I do. I use it to sing him to sleep all the time.
Must send non-sappy love to my parents. It is a remarkable thing they have done and I am monumentally proud of them and hope that I have inherited even a small portion of their capacity to love.

The hearing was unceramonious and yet exciting. Some lawyer gibberish, some paper signing and lots of gavel banging. Then, the presentation of the stuffed Elmo doll by the judge to Carson. It was very sweet.

A delicious lunch followed at one of my very favorite places.

Welcome from the bottom of my heart to my new little brother!


matilda sue said...

He is so blessed to have an oldest sister like you!!! I can't wait to really meet him and not just see his picture or hear stories!!! I mean - if he is your brother shouldn't I be an honorary aunt?!?

haddy said...

Seriously. Can we be aunties?

Congrats. You've already done so well in the role of sister to Carson.

Wait... is that you in a dress? A pink dress? Are those... earrings?! Omg. We have photographic proof! YES!

chrisequious said...

Can I comment on my own blog? Sure I can!

Of course you are both aunties, or just big sisters, up to you.

And yes, I'm in a dress, it was Princess' wedding. So much pink... I'm still in therapy over the pinkness of it all....