Monday, February 11, 2008

1 TB

I need a moment for a short, but necessary geek rant.

*begin geek moment*

One Terabyte. That's how much you can (and roomie did) buy in exteral storage. Don't tell anyone, but My inner-geek just died and went to Seattle.

One Terabyte is exactly 1000 Gigabytes. Does anyone else remember when there was no way in the world civilization would ever need more than ONE GIGABYTE?? It happened, I remember.

One Terabyte. It doesn't even sound real. It sounds made up. Oh, friends, I can assure you: it is very real:

Dost thine eyes deceive thee? NO! You saw correctly:

One Terabyte. Do you know what you can store on one terabyte? You could store 262,144 songs. Or 56,21,684 Documents. Or 1,062,059 Photos. The possibilities are endless when you have, at your disposal, One Terabyte of storage.

Do you know what is bigger than a Terabyte? It's a Petabyte. Yup, 1000 Terabytes is a Petabyte. After that we have Exabytes, Zettabytes and Zottabytes. It's true, I'm not making this up.

One Terabyte. Just imagine.

*end geek moment*

Thank you for your indugence.

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