Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Messin' With Texas

Greetings, ya'll, from (not so) sunny Dallas. I again find myself in this land of steakhouses and fake succulents and am still lamenting this state's forcable separation of me from my bed.

I am here to facilitate a training session about our corporate university. My presentation is one hour. Yup, sixty minutes required me getting out of my warm and toasty bed and away from my warm and toasty beloved at FOUR AM and will prevent me returning until after midnight (and that's only if everything goes well with my flight situation... I HATE being on the last flight out of the evening, but that's another story).

Sure, it was my choice to make the 3 hour flight twice in one day instead of just staying here a night or two. But, I ask you: have you ever been to Dallas?? If so, I think that question answers itself.

So I'm off, to deliver my soul-numbing power point (not that it's a bad power point, per se, but it is still power point) and my slightly less soul-numbing scavenger hunt and anxiously await the baording of my flight back to the homeland. While not presenting, I will pass the time by passing out mini snickers to people I find interesting and trying all of the creamer flavors on the beverage cart (Did I mention that my day started at FOUR AM!?!?!)

There's no place like home, ya'll.


haddy said...

meat + republicans = Texas

(meat + republicans) + (drawls + big hair) = Texas

I hope you made it home ok.

matilda sue said...

Why can't we coordinate this travel thing - couldn't you have presented in Florida where I am this week - not too many steak houses here!! - how come you never come to the mid south - lets work on this!!!