Monday, February 18, 2008

President's Day Rant

Since I've been ranting more than blogging lately, I decided to at least give running a break and rant about politics for a bit. It's President's Day and seems somehow fitting. I'm also off work today and have lots of time for CNN and Anderson Cooper (I wonder if he ever calls Rawley Valverde or Lisa Ling to talk about the good old days in the "hacienda").

Since I live in Pennsylvania and we obviously don't care about politics, we haven't bothered to hold our primary election yet. This means I haven't yet had to decide for whom I shall cast my vote.

I'm still waiting for one the candidates... any of them really... to come through with some actual information. I'm so sick of everyone standing up and saying "fix the economy, fix education, fix healthcare".

HOW??? I want to see your plan. I want numbers, I want pie charts, I want details. We let our candidates off too easily. We let them off with lip service and empty promises and we focus on things like how many times they cried or what they did when they were 18. We let ourselves get caught up in the nonsense, just like they want us to, and we forget about everything that's important.
I demand more! I demand to know not just that you're going to fix it, but how you're going to fix it. nobody is going to stand up there and say "I have no intention of doing anything about healthcare". So they aren't really saying anything useful by promising to fix it.

Where is Ross Perot when you need him? Say what you want, but the man went on TV in a half hour special, and went through every aspect of our government, explained what was wrong with it, and FURTHER EXPLAINED HOW HE WANTED TO FIX IT. Come on, the man had pie charts!! We need more pie charts!!

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