Wednesday, February 27, 2008

"This is Myron Cope, on sports"

That's how Myron Cope ended every broadcast that I can remember. He died today and I believe I am safe in saying that my city's heart is collectively broken. This whole city mourns on Monday mornings after a Steeler loss, you should have seen it today.

My entire life I watched Steeler games with the TV volume off and the radio on - my dad and grandfather loved him. He has the most grating voice you have ever heard and Pittsburgh COULD NOT get enough of him. Everything he said was gold. I think he drove members of my generation kind of crazy, but even if you hated him, you loved him.

In 1976 he swam the Mon river (in DECEMBER) to make good on a bet and he is the only broadcaster in the football hall of fame.

Myron Cope brought us the terrible towel. Please tell me that you know what the terrible towel is... please??

He invented the towel - but the story behind it is that Myron gives all money raised from the sale of towels, over 2 Million to day, to an Autism school in Western PA. He has been doing this for over a decade now. very quietly.

If you don't know of him, there is no way for me to capture him.

I can only say that talking about him today has brought back many wonderful moments from my childhood. He encapsulated so many things that I love about this city - generosity, humor, devotion to our Steelers, loyalty, passion, brutal honesty and a fair amount of chutzpah.

How exactly do you hang a terrible towel at half mast? Yoi.

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