Tuesday, April 8, 2008

NOT a post about Carson's Baptism

So, I wanted to blog about Carson's baptism this past Saturday. And I will. Unfortunately, I first have to report that someone has stolen bikey. Yup, that's right, he brought me faithfully to work yesterday, I tied him up carefully at the bike rack, and when I returned from yoga to head home..... nothing. the rack was empty. I immediately went into self-doubt mode: "did I even ride my bike to work today?" "Did I park it here?" Of course I rode my bike and of course I parked it there, I park it there every day, I have never parked anywhere else.

*Sigh*. I miss bikey. He was more than a bike... he was a friend. Okay, that's not true, he was just a bike. But he was a good bike. He got me to work every day. One time he got me to Meadville and then to Lake Erie, and he's gotten me all over Western PA (and parts of Ohio and Ottawa).


matilda sue said...

I am so sorry bikey is gone. Should we send out a search party - Amber Alert - post a reward? I will donate to the reward pot if you think it will help!!!

haddy said...

That totally sucks. I always wonder who steals bikes and if they ever feel guilty riding them around. Jerks. One word: karma.