Thursday, April 17, 2008

"Put little bit water on my forehead"

The title is what Carson will tell you if you ask him what "Baptism" is. He practiced in the bathtub for a week beforehand. he picked out his own tie. He was promised pancakes afterward. He was so. excited.

Little Carson has four godparents and I don't think a one of us is actually Cathollic; however, everyone else seems to be fine with that, so I won't puzzle over it.... much.

The day of the Baptism arrives:

Carson is so excited, moreso for breakfast and his balloons, but still. We get to the church and show him the baptism pool thing... he's more interested in the Easter flowers. Okay, no problem. THEN, the priest walks in. The man, though very nice, was easily 6' 10:

Carson = scared to death. He starts saying, quietly and church-like at first, and the progressively louder "I don't want to go see him". Even after beinga assured that we would all be with him, he was still having none of it. Turns out, it was a good thing there were four of us, because it took all of us to hoist him over the pool/fountain thing while his original sin was deftly washed away.

Pancakes followed. Then, a party. Now, I don't remember my own baptism, but I have many little figurines, savings bonds and 10 different children's bibles to commerorate the occasion. My, how the times have changed. This kid got toys, stuffed animals, gift cards (savings bonds for his generation, I suppose) even a card that sings, and not a bible or ceremic cross in sight!

Carson by the end of the day:

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