Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Necessary Hedgie Pic

Little Chippie Hedgehog has died. I buried him in the backyard next to Potato. I’m sure they are somewhere now rolling their hedgie eyes over the stupid names I gave them. Chip is survived by the girl who fed him (chrisie), the black monster (Oedipuss), the builder of forts (Devon), and his hedgie companion (Russet). He will be missed terribly by the girl, but not so much by the black monster – who always secretly knew Chip was eating *his* food.

Chip enjoyed cottage cheese and hoodie pockets. He liked to play in forts and torment the black monster (from the safety of his cage). He was known as an adventurer, often forging new trails into the unknown territory under the couch and behind the TV.

1 comment:

haddy said...

Oh no! I'm so very sorry. He was the cutest!!