Thursday, June 19, 2008

Why you haven't talked to me

If you can believe it, the loss of my beloved Chippy hardly makes the top of the list of terrible things happening lately. In fact, his passing was but the cherry on the crap sundae that has been my June. I've had a hard time trying to write about it because I try to keep my blog light, if a little bitchy at times and some pretty serious stuff has been going on. So, I will try to capture it without trying to make it quirky or funny and without bumming everyone out too much.

First and worst of all is that my darling brother-in-law's mother has been diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer - glioblastoma. It is pretty much the scariest thing ever - there are no genetic links to it and it has no yet been traced to any environmental causes (smoking, cell phone use, etc.). Nobody knows why you get it!!! Anyway, she is going through speech and physical therapy now and will start radiation soon.

The same week that we got this terrible news, my sister and brother-in-law's (yes, the same brother) house was hit by a tornado. *insert munchkin joke here*. They are both fine, but Princess was alone when it hit, as brother was in Ohio with his family. They had to wait just to get an insurance adjuster because of the amount of damage caused in their area, but the house will be fine once everything gets sorted it.

My adorable little brother has not been spared by June either. He was holding a routine chatter-fest with my dad after a session of lawn-mowing when he gestured wildly about something and hit his hand off the still-hot lawnmower. Ouch!! He burnt his little hand fairly badly and spent some time in the pediatric burn unit. Oy. He's doing better now and has started to use it again and is back to modified hockey playing, so that's perhaps a ray of light.

Lastly, my pretend grandmother (she's not technically mine, but next time her family isn't looking, I'm stealing her because I adore her so much) had a nasty run-in with the ground and broke a hip. This led to an unpleasant hospital stay and much pain. She also has been released from the hospital but is slightly worse for the wear. Gets harder to shake things off at 89 I'd imagine. Still, she's about the toughest cookie I know, plus, she's Irish. She's golden.


All that being said, if you celebrated a birthday, anniversary, birth of a child or other event in June, I likely missed it completely. I'm sorry for that. I hope you had a great birthday, a happy anniversary, your child is adorable and so on and so forth.

Hopefully I'll be back soon with some happier news. Until then, keep Kathy, Grandma and family in your thoughts and hug everyone you love. You just never know.


haddy said...

Dude. We're all still here, thinking about you whether you're writing about it or not. Good energy coming your way!! :)

kendra! said...

Chrisie, I'm sorry the fates cheffed up a crap sundae for you WHEN YOU DIDN'T EVEN ORDER IT, LOUISE. I wish we could just send these things back to the crap kitchen. But struggle through we do, and I'm sending you warm thoughts and hugs from Boston, as well. Is July a brighter month? I hope so.