Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Happy Hour!

I haven't felt like blogging lately - I'm in one of those ruts where nothing about my life seems worth even typing out. I can't seem to get anything to rise above the level of.... of.... if I type "blah" here, will you know what I'm saying?? Can't seen to rise above blah.

The one exception to this, as it often is for me: running. Joining Team in Training continues to be one of the better decisions I have made in recent memory. I have been blown away on so many occasions by the generosity of people I do not know, or at least do not know well. When I got into it, I knew I could hit up family, close friends, and some people I've worked closely with for donations. However, I questioned whether or not that would be enough to get me to my goal ($100 for every mile of the marathon). I definitely didn't expect my message/request/plea to spread as far as it did; I have received donations from people with whom I have spoken to on the phone but never met, and people who I didn't realize they even knew who I was. In as non-trite a way as I can say it - I've been really inspired by the fundraising process and it's added a dimension to the running that I would never have expected.

As way of a slightly less esoteric TNT update, I offer you party pictures. I know, it doesn't look like we're preparing for a marathon in most of them, especially the ones in which I am stuffing my face with fried cheese sticks, but I assure you that we are.
My fellow TNT-er Margo and I hosted a Happy Hour this past weekend to raise money for our marathoning endeavors:

Here is our happy hour crowd. We had a fantastic mix - parents, friends, co-workers, former hockey players, random Pittsburghers. It was really a happening scene.
As if the chance to hang out with Margo and I weren't enough, we had some pretty sweet raffles to, including an autographed MARIO hockey stick!!

Here are your adorable hosts... even inadvertently sporting our hometown colors, we are such loyal Pittsburghers. Should you see Margo out and about, please thank her; she has more than once been the reason I have finished a long run.

We raised just under $1000 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, all while enjoying my new favorite drink - mandarin and tonic. Look into it, it's delicious.

Go Team!!!

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M*J*C said...

Oh man! YOU are the reason that i finished my first "run" ever (the Montour trail on a Sunday w/ Super Audrey), the reason that I finished the run the day I forgot my Garmin, the reason I survived 13 miles, and now the reason I survived 15 miles!