Tuesday, September 16, 2008

If You're Gonna Play in Texas...

... you gotta have a fiddle in the band.

I always bitch and moan about the state of Texas, but I had an okay trip there last week and feel it's important to highlight this trip, to avoid getting a reputation...

1. The rental car had XM. I've never really gotten into this whole satellite radio thing, I have an iPod and therefore want for nothing, music-wise. But I have to say, commercial free radio was good times. I found myself driving around just to listen to it (i need to find a Kinko's..... in Irving!)

2. DJ. A dear dear friend and former co-worker of mine whom I see far to infrequently. DJ was a fellow liberal in a company built on conservatism; a fellow tech geek in a land of engineers and was always and continues to be my corporate role model. He managed to work for a giant, potentially soul-stealing company while hanging on to his faith, his sense of self and was always the first to remind me that "we're not saving lives here". I miss him terribly in the day to day and am always grateful when I get to spend some quality time with him - he gives me perspective.

3. Pappasitos. Finally, I didn't have to eat at a steakhouse. Those always turning into meat-based pissing contents... people damn near kill themselves to see who can eat the biggest piece of meat. It happens every time. Pappasitos is a Mexican place and the cheese enchilladas were to die for (after I requested that they not put the meat sauce on top. Yup, it comes with a meat sauce.)

Hang in there, Texas, there may be hope for you yet. Blue would be a really good color on you, look into that.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

An open letter to September

Dear September,

First, let me say that I'm a big fan. Sure, you're no October, but I've always admired the way you are able to take us into Fall without really missing summer. You bring us Football, Homecoming, Hockey Training Camp and some all-star running.

All that being said: what the hell, September?? I survived the misery of August only to be bitch-slapped by you.

Pumpkin Spice Lattes are calling out to me but I can't enjoy them because it's still too damn hot. And the humidity... you're killing me! Recent runs have felt more Amazonian than Western Pennsylvanian. I'm still running my air conditioning (stupid 4th floor apartment).

Do us all a favor, kick in here and bring on some fall. I want some colorful leaves, some hoodie weather and some kick-ass runs, crunching through fallen leaves.

Sincerely Yours,


Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Ikea Half

In eager anticipation of the Marine Corps Marathon next month, I ran the Ikea Half Marathon this past weekend.

The first thing to know about this whole thing is that I am a terrible racer. I so want to have that killer instinct, that ability to run until death is a reasonable possibility... but I just don't. Soooo, try as I might to look on the bright side, I'm still fairly disappointed with my time - I really really wanted to go sub 2-hours, but it was not to be. However, I still had a really good time with the TNT gang, as evidenced by the stolen pictures below:

Less than 7 weeks until the real thing. Oorah.

Also - anyone looking for an excuse to come to Pittsburgh next spring...