Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Ikea Half

In eager anticipation of the Marine Corps Marathon next month, I ran the Ikea Half Marathon this past weekend.

The first thing to know about this whole thing is that I am a terrible racer. I so want to have that killer instinct, that ability to run until death is a reasonable possibility... but I just don't. Soooo, try as I might to look on the bright side, I'm still fairly disappointed with my time - I really really wanted to go sub 2-hours, but it was not to be. However, I still had a really good time with the TNT gang, as evidenced by the stolen pictures below:

Less than 7 weeks until the real thing. Oorah.

Also - anyone looking for an excuse to come to Pittsburgh next spring...

1 comment:

M*J*C said...

Picture stealer!!! LOL!!! You did awesome at the race! you probably would have been sub 2 hours if you wouldn't have hung out with me in the in the beginning!!!!
It was so much fun with all the TNT peeps, can't wait for "The Big One"!