Monday, December 29, 2008

Shut Out!!

Apologies to the Cleveland expats I call friends, but for this 'Burgh gal, there is nothing better than a good old routing of the Brownies. This year, I was lucky enough to be in attendance, good stuff.

If the score (*ahem* 31-0) wasn't enough to put a smile on your face, there is my favorite part of being at the game - you can't get this watching at home:

Just in case it isn't immediately clear what's happening in this photo, whenever the Steelers are within 20 yards of the end zone - "the red zone" - the two giant bottles of Heinz ketchup atop the scoreboard tip and create the scene you witnessed above. Favorite. part. of. the. game. Enjoy.

Playoffs start January 11th, mark your calendars now!


M*J*C said...

Good stuff!!!

haddy said...

I love Pittsburgh and I love ketchup. Call me a Steelers fan for the playoffs!