Sunday, December 7, 2008


Every once in a while, the universe seems to know that I need a little extra and this past week, it sent me a very strategic, early birthday present, with the help of the many fantastic woman in my life.

First I find out that my two bestests from college will be making the journey for my 30th. I imagine I'm not the first to be less than thrilled at entering my third decade - but in one fell swoop, these two have made me look forward to it like nothing in recent memory. I. Am. So. Excited.

Then, I got the most amazing bit of introspection from one of my favorite moms; she turned my whole attitude around in approximately 2 sentences. Remarkable.

Finally, happy hour with some of the bravest and funnest women I've ever met. My TNT gals have all accomplished some amazing things in the past few months and I am so proud to count myself among them. We had the most wonderful kind of ridiculous fun the other night, which parlayed right into the most ridiculous and fun 5K the next morning. Love you guys!!

Thank you to you all; for better or worse, I wouldn't be the Chrisie I am without all of you.

All smiles, as it should be:

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M*J*C said...

Yeah for girls night out!!! That was a blast, we definitley have to do it again soon!