Tuesday, January 20, 2009

43 and 44

When I wake up tomorrow morning, I'm pretty sure it won't have been a dream. The Steelers will still be President and Obama is still going to the Superbowl!!!! Oh wait, that was a dream....

Most days, my lack of eloquence doesn't really bother me - I'm cool with being kinda clunky and a bit verbose - but today, I wish I could express how cool this is. The media is trying, really, but they're so trite and cheesy. Blah blah historic, yadda yadda photosynth. I guess I feel better that they're having trouble coming up with the words as well. I can't wait to read what everyone else has to say, but in the interim, here's the chrisequiousidity of the day:

There are so few fresh starts in life, and maybe this isn't even one of them, but it sure feels like it. I sat there and watched the Bush family get on a helicopter and head back to Texas - I think I felt the physical weight being lifted from our collective psyche. Did you?? It's the end of a horrible relationship. No more cringing through speeches, no more undeserved arrogance, no more Old West platitudes being passed off as policy - Does this mean the Dixie Chicks can come back??

And how cute was it when he flubbed the oath a little bit?? Seriously - could it have made the moment more real, could he be more human? I'm gushing, I know, I need to a little bit. We'll get serious tomorrow. Today, we celebrate! Today, we are cheesy and trite and dance in the streets. What? The dancing is for the Steelers? We'll take that as well.


Thursday, January 15, 2009


So, I'm pretty sure the following three things have never appeared together in a single blog post before now: Sesame Street Live, Pierogie pizza, Frigid 5-miler. Come on, find them anywhere else together; I dare you.
So last Thursday, the wonder parents and I took Cheezeball to see Sesame Street Live. That was great and all, but we went out for dinner beforehand. That wouldn't be noteworthy had it not also been Cheezy's first experience with fried cheese:

He just couldn't quite get it. Sesame Street live did not disappoint. I feared for my life going into this whole debacle - I don't really get kids. BUT, those muppets did the impossible: they kept an arena full of 2-8 year olds mesmerized for more than 6 minutes. More than 60 minutes, actually:

Amazing. Carson got to hug Elmo - shame that he reached the pinnacle of all things wonderful at such a young age. Here's hoping the rest of his life isn't anticlimactic now ;).

Saturday brought a delicious dinner out with a bestest friend that managed to incorporate two of my very favoritest foods, pierogies and pizza, into one fantastic concoction. Um.. not sure that I have much else to say about that, but damn does it bode well for the uniqueness of the trifecta, plus it was a really fun night out.

Sunday - the frigid 5-miler. All I can say about this is: brrrr. It certainly lived up to it's name. Temps in the low 20s, a ridiculously hilly course and ice galore. Finished though, and did partake of the pancake breakfast awarded us for surviving. Should also be mentioned that this race officially kicked off.... MARATHON TRAINING!!!! That's right, 16 weeks until the triumphant return of the
Pittsburgh Marathon. Somebody is going to need to remind me how excited I am about it sometime in March or early April.... throwing that out there now.

Not part of the trifecta, but it's freakin' freezing here! High is about 5 tomorrow. I have some fleece jammies and some hot chocolate that say I'm not schlepping into work tomorrow! Snow day for this girl!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Score one for 30

As any runners in the audience will know, my turning 30 put me in a new age category race-wise. Saturday was my first such outing with the larger than life 30 in bold print right there on my bib. Ouch.

So guess what? This chickie placed second in that brand new age group of hers. Sure, it wasn't with the fastest of times, and sure it was a smaller field (only a few hundred runners), but still... it's some hardware for something other than finishing without dying.

Next weekend is the frigid 5-miler. Who's in?

Friday, January 2, 2009


I'm spending today reading a lot of retrospectives on 2008. I'm not really into reminiscing, so I'm going to put my 10010 10100 brain to work and just make you a list, the good with the bad, in no particular order, of the top 10 things that happened last year in my life. By "top 10", I mean the first ten things that occur to me to write ;)
  1. I got a brand new, kick ass little brother
  2. We welcomed Madigan and Andrew
  3. I managed to stay in one apartment for more than 6 months
  4. I ran another marathon, badly
  5. I raised a crap ton of money for the LLS
  6. I got to visit both Boston and Seattle for the first time ever
  7. I got dumped for a blonde
  8. We lost our beloved Kathy and our Uncle Bob (and our Myron and our Chip)
  9. I turned 30, my friends helped with that
  10. We all got a brand new, kick ass President
I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you, 2009.

Better Things (I have no idea what the hamsters are all about, but it's the theme song anyway)