Tuesday, January 20, 2009

43 and 44

When I wake up tomorrow morning, I'm pretty sure it won't have been a dream. The Steelers will still be President and Obama is still going to the Superbowl!!!! Oh wait, that was a dream....

Most days, my lack of eloquence doesn't really bother me - I'm cool with being kinda clunky and a bit verbose - but today, I wish I could express how cool this is. The media is trying, really, but they're so trite and cheesy. Blah blah historic, yadda yadda photosynth. I guess I feel better that they're having trouble coming up with the words as well. I can't wait to read what everyone else has to say, but in the interim, here's the chrisequiousidity of the day:

There are so few fresh starts in life, and maybe this isn't even one of them, but it sure feels like it. I sat there and watched the Bush family get on a helicopter and head back to Texas - I think I felt the physical weight being lifted from our collective psyche. Did you?? It's the end of a horrible relationship. No more cringing through speeches, no more undeserved arrogance, no more Old West platitudes being passed off as policy - Does this mean the Dixie Chicks can come back??

And how cute was it when he flubbed the oath a little bit?? Seriously - could it have made the moment more real, could he be more human? I'm gushing, I know, I need to a little bit. We'll get serious tomorrow. Today, we celebrate! Today, we are cheesy and trite and dance in the streets. What? The dancing is for the Steelers? We'll take that as well.


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