Thursday, January 15, 2009


So, I'm pretty sure the following three things have never appeared together in a single blog post before now: Sesame Street Live, Pierogie pizza, Frigid 5-miler. Come on, find them anywhere else together; I dare you.
So last Thursday, the wonder parents and I took Cheezeball to see Sesame Street Live. That was great and all, but we went out for dinner beforehand. That wouldn't be noteworthy had it not also been Cheezy's first experience with fried cheese:

He just couldn't quite get it. Sesame Street live did not disappoint. I feared for my life going into this whole debacle - I don't really get kids. BUT, those muppets did the impossible: they kept an arena full of 2-8 year olds mesmerized for more than 6 minutes. More than 60 minutes, actually:

Amazing. Carson got to hug Elmo - shame that he reached the pinnacle of all things wonderful at such a young age. Here's hoping the rest of his life isn't anticlimactic now ;).

Saturday brought a delicious dinner out with a bestest friend that managed to incorporate two of my very favoritest foods, pierogies and pizza, into one fantastic concoction. Um.. not sure that I have much else to say about that, but damn does it bode well for the uniqueness of the trifecta, plus it was a really fun night out.

Sunday - the frigid 5-miler. All I can say about this is: brrrr. It certainly lived up to it's name. Temps in the low 20s, a ridiculously hilly course and ice galore. Finished though, and did partake of the pancake breakfast awarded us for surviving. Should also be mentioned that this race officially kicked off.... MARATHON TRAINING!!!! That's right, 16 weeks until the triumphant return of the
Pittsburgh Marathon. Somebody is going to need to remind me how excited I am about it sometime in March or early April.... throwing that out there now.

Not part of the trifecta, but it's freakin' freezing here! High is about 5 tomorrow. I have some fleece jammies and some hot chocolate that say I'm not schlepping into work tomorrow! Snow day for this girl!

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haddy said...

Another reason to love pgh = Pierogie Pizza!!!