Sunday, May 17, 2009

Chipped Purple Nail Polish

So we're now two full weeks past the marathon. The paint that outlined the course is starting to fade, the last lingering aches are healed, and my lovely purple marathon polish job is chipped and silly looking... but I refuse to take it off because it makes me happy every time I look it... plus it's slightly less obnoxious than still wearing my finisher's medal.

I've been working lately on letting go of the place, the event, the experience, the whatever, but keeping the lesson. It's time to let go of this marathon, and take off the stupid nail polish, but I want to make sure I have the lesson before I do that.

I've run 3 marathons, and each of them under wildly different circumstances. I've learned from all of them and I think the lesson from this one has to be my friends; I have such amazing people in my life and I got so hung up on the one that was missing, I almost missed the lesson: who cares if he doesn't care? I have so so so many people who do and I'm so thankful to you all!! I really couldn't have made it through this one without you guys. Thanks to those on the course, those on the side of the course and those in other cities who still knew my time before I did.

This chapter of my book starts with a huge acknowledgments page:
First has to be to Margo, Erin(squared), Stephanie, and Kim. The pictures that are worth the thousand words are on Margo's blog, but man, there was nothing like seeing that sign with MY name on it!!!! I can't tell you without being sappy and cheezy how much it meant to me to see you guys there at the bottom of that hill, but since you've all been there, I don't have to tell you, and that's a beautiful thing!! Next time, you bitches are running with me though!!! =)

For being the only person who knew that this race, while still a ridiculous time, was also a PR for me, I send love to Haddy.

Mick, Carolyn, Steph, and Jay. I fed on your excitement and am so so so proud to have been part of your first half marathon. Big congrats to you guys!!!! (Jay - I was promised a chocolate donut at the finish.... I'm still waiting)

My crazy brave family who opted to leave the role of "spectator" this time around and move into the world of "volunteer", working at the 4-mile water stop. Sure you were covered in red gatorade by the end.... but... um.... yeah, I got nothing here. Thanks to you from me and the other 9,999 runners.

Justin, Jay, Celeste, and Vicky. My partners in crime. Who won the "who can high 5 the most uniformed officers" challenge, anyway? Vic - thanks for pinching me somewhere in Oakland and promising me that I'd at least remember that part of the marathon ... you were right, I do remember.

Sarah. Thank you for the one-second nap at mile 23, which I had been talking about since mile 19. Thank you for hugging me even though I was gross. Thank you also for the "keep running, bitch", without which I might actually have stopped running. Thank you for talking me down the night before and checking on me the day after. You're about the best there is.

The guy who tried to pick me up in Homewood. You kept us laughing for at least 3 miles. For that, I thank you... creep show.

Having captured that, I'm ready for the polish remover. I'll try not to make it another 2-month hiatus.


haddy said...

Running a marathon is quite a thing. Relish it.

M*J*C said...

LLLOOOOOOVVVVVEEEEEE this post!!!! Totally LLLOOOOVVEEE you, and seeing you as you got to the bridge was awesome, it brought back so many great memories of our time that we spent together training for MCM. You'll never know how thankful I was that you showed up to the first "group run" (that was only me, you and Audrey) and that you were friendly and nice, I was scared out of my mind for that first run. Then every run after that, I was always so happy to see that you were there, and that even though I was slower than you you never made me feel like I was holding you back or just toally sucking! I can totally relate to what you said in this post about getting caught up on what was missing....that's a hard lesson to learn, but you're right - who cares if he doesn't care! F him! We have to get together soon...I miss you tons!